Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Video: Beno Udrih guarantees a playoff spot for Kings (with plenty of prodding)

Let's face it.   Nobody is gonna compare Beno Udrih to Joe Namath, but when I badgered the Kings guard about whether he was willing to guarantee a playoff spot for Sacramento this year, he came through.

So have a look as Beno plays "Stud or Cop-Out"

Sure thing: Kings win NBA title

Okay, let's get all carried away after one trivial, meaningless, preseason game.

This team is unstoppable.

A force underneath.

Great talent at every position.

We are the champions of the world.

Then again... maybe not.  

I'm gonna wait until the second preseason game before I take a flying leap onto the bandwagon.

I'm gonna wait to see if anyone can hit a deep three beyond Marcus Landry.  Marcus Landry?

I'm gonna wait and see if Donte Greene has regressed again or if he's mature enough to step up and finally produce consistently.

I'm gonna wait and see if Omri Casspi can take a deep breath and become a team player.

I'm gonna wait and see if Samuel Dalembert has anything left in his tank.

I'm gonna wait and see if Jason Thompson can make it through a game without the histrionics.

But let me tell you.  If they all produce Thursday, I'm buying playoff tickets.