Friday, May 10, 2013

How the NBA can solve this dilemma with one simple stipulation

The poker game is on.  Oh, it is so on.

Chris Hansen and the Seattle group just took a tractor filled with cash and pushed it to the center of table.

The Maloofs sit on the sidelines, drooling, as they await to see just how big a windfall they can get for dismantling a franchise and alienating an entire fanbase.

And now some people say the NBA is in a pickle.  How can the league turn their backs on that much cash?  Hansen knows that everyone has their price.

So what to do?

Well, if Chris Hansen wants to buy the Kings, let him buy it.

The NBA should let the sale go through.

With one important stipulation:

The team stays in Sacramento and no other vote on relocation could take place for at least five years.

Would Hansen want to own the Kings and have them play in Sacramento for the next five years?  Is he that patient?

Call the bluff.  Hell, make it 10 years before a relocation vote could be taken again.  See what Hansen does then. Because it sure seems like the Seattle group is going to take this battle to the courts if it gets shut out.

Why not take away his ammunition?  Give him the team.  And give him Sacramento.  For years and years and years.

I'd like Chris Hansen as owner of the Sacramento Kings.  He's got deep pockets and doesn't seem to mind writing very large checks.  Could he stand to lose at a crappy arena for half a decade or more.  Would he do an arena deal with Kevin Johnson?

Let's find out.