Friday, November 19, 2010

A win is a win, but color me unimpresssed

Excuse me if I don't celebrate.

A slim win at home over a lousy Nets team is no reason to get excited.

It did, however, leave me with a number of questions:

1. How on earth does Omri Casspi not even see the floor after starting almost every game this season? You are simply alienating players with this type of ridiculous rotation tinkering. Now Casspi hasn't exactly been a force this year, but he deserves more than a DNP. Westphal did the same thing with Donte Greene, basically burying him in the desert for weeks before we saw him again.

2. Why don't the Kings push the ball more? This team has zero tempo to its game and the shots come with a struggle in the half-court offense. It just doesn't make sense for the Kings to slow it down.

3. Why does Tyreke Evans still have free reign when he is bumbling on the court? It is frustrating to watch this guy when he is forcing the ball and turning the ball over. More than ever, he is proving that he is not a point guard.

4. Why am I so bored with this team? They just lack charisma. And they don't play as a team. Maybe they will come together as the season progresses, but right now, they are just not very interesting to watch.

Now some good points:

1. DeMarcus Cousins has some nice vision on the court. You can see him becoming one of the top passing centers in the league.

2. Donte Greene had a couple of good moments, especially on a steal and splash in the fourth quarter.

3. The defense looked steady at times, cutting down on the silly fouls.