Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Maloofs show their empty pockets with support of Power Balance

Gavin and Joe Maloof are desperate for cash.

That is the only explanation for their incredibly tone-deaf support of the fraudulent Power Balance company, a business that will be forced to refunds millions of dollars to customers for allegedly peddling a scam product.

According to Kings spokesman Chris Clark, the Kings are still quite satisfied to be in business with Power Balance simply because "they have assured us of their commitment to the Sacrmento Kings."

Without scientific evidence,  Power Balance bracelets seem to nothing but overpriced, worthless trinkets that pretend to have magical powers.  And that's why they were sued.

But with the NBA season on hold and their financial situation in turmoil, the Maloofs are grasping at any penny thrown their way.

It's time for them to figure out an exit strategy.

Sell the team.

Make a run for it.

It's best for the city of Sacramento.

The Maloofs are paupers.  We need Kings.