Friday, December 17, 2010

Geoff Petrie deserves a lot of the blame for the awful mess of a team

Okay, fans, this is the easiest quiz you'll have to take.

Which person in the Kings organization seems to go year-to-year and never absorb a hint of criticism, yet he hasn't presided over a winning team since 2005-06?

Which person has chosen loser coaches with the names Musselman, Theus and Westphal?

Which person has gained the rep as a draft genius but, during 2005-2007 when the Kings desperately needed to keep the momentum of the fading glory days alive, drafted the likes of Francisco Garcia, Quincy Douby and Spencer Hawes?

Which person hasn't made a team-changing trade since acquiring Brad Miller a decade ago?

What person has repeatedly given mid-level exceptions to hugely overrated stiffs like Mikki Moore? Yes, Mikki Moore.

Which person has been given a free pass from the fans for his cerebral approach, gentlemanly demeanor and subdued personality?

Which person has continually built teams with gaping holes and easy-to-spot weaknesses? Rebounding. Defense. Athleticism. The Kings haven't had any of those attributes in years and they still don't.

You know the guy, Kings fans.

And it's time he took the brunt of the blame for this gory mess of team.

Geoff Petrie, step right up and take a bow.

Because you've been awful.

That's right. Awful.

Look, there's no doubt the guy has financial constraints, but that's too easy an excuse for his dreary collection of innocuous moves over the past six seasons.

Petrie no longer collects winning pieces for a franchise anymore.

He simply collects a paycheck.

And that's not good enough.

Not for the Kings.

And not for the fans.