Monday, December 13, 2010

Tyreke Evans injury report: Day-to-day chance that nobody knows what the hell is going on

Latest Kings injury report:

Tyreke Evans, plantar fasciitis, day-to-day: Unless, of course, his brother Doc decides to hold him out, or, on the other hand, if Paul Westphal asks politely for him to sit out and gets an answer in the affirmative.

In a super-secret email circulating through the bowels of the team's super-secret war room and high-tea recreation room, team officials are allegedly baffled.

A Kings doctor was allegedly quoted as saying, "Hey, I only went to medical school, do you expect me to make a sound decision based on my education and prior knowledge? Tyreke's brother is named Doc. I trust him."

Owner Gavin Maloof allegedly said he doesn't understand all the hubbub over this fasciitis stuff. "We intend to rip of 10 or 20 straight wins and we need Tyreke on the court to make it happen. He can sit when we clinch a playoff berth."

General manager Geoff Petrie says the injury is minor. "It's not the pain," Petrie allegedly said. "He just plain sucks this year."