Sunday, January 2, 2011

DeMarcus Cousins may be the real deal, but should Kings consider the crazy thought of trading Tyreke Evans?

Is it a coincidence that the Kings moved the ball better in the final five minutes of Sunday night's victory over the Suns without Tyreke Evans on the court.

No, didn't think so.

Suddenly, without Evans on the floor, the Kings managed to quickly get into their offense and, lo and behold, didn't seem to force any passes.

Incredibly, in the span of a dramatic week, rookie DeMarcus Cousins has become the focal point of the offense. He was a revelation against the Suns.

Cousins sees the court. He makes the right pass almost every time. Yes, sometimes he forces his shot a bit too much, but he's improving every game. If you can keep him from tossing a Molotov cocktail into his future, he could be the real deal.

It's completely different for Evans.

He simply does not help the Kings when he's on the floor. Sure, he can score in bursts on occasion, but he has become more of a hindrance to the team's cohesiveness. You can blame the aching feet for some of his woes, but you can't blame the feet for his awful decision making and his inability to figure out how to be a team player.

So here's a sinful thought to consider: What if the Kings entertained trade offers for Evans?

Okay, forget I just wrote that.

Then again, maybe not.

ESPN reported on Sunday that teams are inquiring about the availability of Omri Casspi. The Kings would be foolish to deal Casspi. He might have more upside than any player on the team.

But Evans? What about Evans?

Desperate times demand desperate measures.

They could surely land some ripe talent for him. Maybe a first-class point guard.

No, it's silly. Why would the Kings trade Evans?

Guy was rookie of the year. You don't trade him.

Forget I wrote that. He's only going to get better, right? Right? Right?

Look, Evans have been terribly mishandled by the Kings. They plugged his square abilities into the round hole of point guard and handed him the keys to the franchise.

Now, you watch him on the court and he sometimes looks lost. Paul Westphal hardly ever puts him in position to utilize his talents properly. And no matter how much we hear about his improved outside shot, it's just not there. Never has been.

It comes down to this: What would make the Kings a better team? A healthy Tyreke Evans or a top-notch point guard?

We saw a little hint in the final five minutes against the Suns -- and Pooh Jeter ain't even close to a top-notch point guard.

All right, I'm just a knee-jerk observer offering a silly thought based on small sampling of time.

Forget I wrote that.