Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Hey Grant Napear, get a clue and stop sucking up to the Maloofs

Grant Napear spent Tuesday afternoon ranting and raving about how the Sacramento Bee had so maligned the poor little Maloof boys over the past decade that now they were taking their balls and leaving town.

Any opposing viewpoint was shouted down with the lunacy of a fifth-grader throwing a tantrum.

Give me a break.

Napear is a shill.  Plain and simple.  He is not an honest broker.  He is not a journalist.  Accepting his word on the Kings' situation is akin to accepting Bernie Madoff's word on a hot investment.

He is paid by the Kings.  He is their employee.  If he bad mouthes his bosses, he gets the boot.  If he sucks up, he gets a pat on his little red head and gets to play TV boy for another year.

The Bee's coverage had no effect on the decision making of the Maloofs.

Full disclosure:  I worked at the Bee for almost 20 years in the sports department, but I'm not a Bee apologist.  In fact, anyone who worked with me will tell you that I had plenty of complaints about the way the newspaper was run.  I'm good at complaining.  Some say I'm an expert.  (note to my former executive editor and managing editor:  It's called creativity and innovation.  You promote it, you don't quash it.  You guys were so far behind the curve, you couldn't even see the curve.)

But to say the arena cause was beaten down by the Bee is just plain stupid.

The Bee columnists have been strong proponents of a new arena.  Ailene Voisin and Marcos Breton have written tirelessly in support of a new building.

When the Kings were riding high, the Bee was a publicity machine for the team, pumping out special sections, posters and signs to hold up at the arena.

Yes, the newspaper has done a few stories that didn't show the Maloofs in a very flattering light, most recently a piece that quoted numerous sources in regards to the brothers' penchant for outlandish negotiating.

But sorry, folks, it's called reporting.  The Maloofs don't get a free ride.

And, besides, there's plenty of blame for this failure all around.

I personally believe an awful economy and a growing distaste for increased government spending are the two biggest reasons a new arena deal hasn't gotten done.

In addition, I believe the fixation on a downtown location was misguided.   Natomas was fine.  All the infrastructure is already there.  The cost of building a new arena in the current location would have been far cheaper and a whole lot easier to get done.  Keeping the Kings -- not revitalizing the railyards -- should have been the focus.  A downtown arena was an intricate pipe dream with far too many moving pieces.

But let's face it, there just isn't that much free private money in this town.   We don't have any spare billionaires ready to parachute in as an angel investor.

So now the Kings are most likely gone.

And we get back to the bombastic blowhard known as Grant Napear.

Stop the act, Grant.  Yes, we know the Maloofs give plenty to charity.  We know they are really nice guys.  But we don't need your phony objective views when you're clearly on the payroll.

Furthermore, we don't need your doomsday prophecies.

"If we lose the Kings," he proclaimed with searing intensity.  "You'll never see an NBA team here for the rest of your lifetime."

As if that was a punishment from God for our sins.

It's probably true.  But what does that mean?

We'll still lead our lives.  We'll still struggle to keep our jobs.  We'll still proudly raise our families. And we'll still enjoy our free time -- maybe in different ways.

Napear is a boob.  A flame-throwing flunky without an ounce of nuance.

If he moves to Anaheim, we may never see another one like him for the rest of our lifetimes.

We can only hope.

P.S. Invite me on for a debate, Grant.   Maybe I'll be able to make a point in between your tireless rants.


Anonymous said...

Great blog, couldn't agree more especially the part about life here after the Kings leave. Unless the Maloofs figure out a way to take the restaurants, bars, clubs, 49ers, Giants, Sharks, climate and golf courses with them, my life won't change one iota with the King gone. One thing that might change is that I might program KHTK back in the pre-sets on the radio in my car.

squid said...

Agreed. I love the Kings, but Napear is unwittingly hurting the Kings' chances. He needs to shut his cake-hole.

Jeff said...

Apart from the "too many moving parts" obstacle, one thing I rarely see addressed is that many Sacramentans see Kings fans, and sports-fandom in general, as the braying, face-painting bastion of Sarah Palin Nation -- the distilled essence of the dreaded "mainstream". I don't think the prevalence of this virulent "NIMBY" attitude so many Sacramentans have toward the idea of "those people" in their downtown has ever been fully grasped by the Maloofs or anyone in their camp, much less the Grant Napears of the world.

Now, if the idea from the get-go had been to build the thing in Placer County...

Unknown said...

I think I heard that show. I'm new to Sac, and I was surfing the dial on the way to pick my son up from school. I listened for a while, then thought "what a bonehead!" In particular, he was all over Ailene Voisin like a cheap suit for her having quoted unnamed Kings employees saying that Geoff Petrie is the reason there's so much turnover in the Kings' offices - no one can stand working for the guy. Napear went completely berserk over the protection of the employees' identities. Of course she withheld their identities - is Napear really that stupid?

He really does seem to be a complete suck-up, and his opinions on his show on anything apart from basketball are worthless, and the roundball stuff isn't worth much.