Monday, February 28, 2011

Buzz kill at Arco. Don't expect the Maloofs to change their minds.

Talk about a buzz kill.

On a night that was supposed to be all about energy and atmosphere and showing the Maloofs that the Kings needed to stay in town, Monday night's crowd just never took flight.

The Kings came out in throwback Royals jerseys (an awful idea that needed to be quickly shoved aside but wasn't) and it was all downhill from there.

The arena was far from full. 

The chants never took hold and fizzled out.

And Arco thunder was more like a brief streaks of lightning flickering in the distance.  Sure the fans could get very loud every now and then, but it was certainly not enough.  Not enough to rekindle memories of the old days.  Not enough to turn back the oncoming train of change.

This was the view exactly three minutes from the national anthem.  The arena filled up more, but I was shocked the fans weren't packing the place and ready to rumble early.

But you can't blame the fans.  They've been churned, burned, and spit out.  A dreadful economy, an awful team, and now talk of a move to Anaheim.  Despite the pleading,  only the very loyal diehards remain.  And they are not enough.  

I doubt the Maloofs were impressed.  In fact, the turnout and energy may have sealed the team's departure, not that I thought there was a much of chance of them sticking around, anyway.

Here they stay?


Looks like there they go.


Anonymous said...

Sorry Ron,

But you are an idiot!

Did you go to the game or just watch it on TV?

Since you've been banned from most blog sites, you had to start your own. And, like always, just like when you hammered Hassan Whiteside on media day about whether he has ADD or not, you lok for a negative spin to put on everything. No wonder even the lackluster Bee let you go.

The building was virtually sold out with very few empty seats. The chants were heard. And the crowd was louder in the final quarter than they have been all season.

Why can't you just move to Anaheim?!?

Krook said...


Anonymous said...

Hey man, I was there, section 201, seat 19. Screaming my ass off. I bet you barely sat up. also, are you deaf? i doubt it because even then you would have felt the arco thunder.

No, you're just bitter for some reason. Glass half empty much?

Jeremy said...

What are you smoking?

Anonymous said...

What fucking game were you at? I was there, and it was pretty damn loud the entire 4th quarter.

Ron Wenig said...

I don't want the Kings to leave, but I was there. It was not a packed house by any stretch, no matter the propaganda. It was loud at times but the chants never took hold. Sorry if that's hard to accept.

Craig said...

You sir, are insane. I will never return to your blog to read your incredibly negative view and tweets. The crowd did an EPIC job and all the players and coaches shouted out to the fans, saying that was the thing that carried them through. If you aren't a Kings fan, why have a blog about them?

Craig said...

Here's some visual proof for you since you don't seem to believe.

Check out the pics in this thread and point out a single empty seat:

Ron Wenig said...

Cheer, scream and yell. Enjoy. I'm just an observer with opinions. From my seat, I don't think Monday night's game did enough to change anyone's mind. And, by the way, you should save a little of your criticism for the Maloofs. They gave little solace to the efforts of the fans. Playing their stupid stunts during timeouts instead of helping the fans make their points. And their comments have been lame. They are leaving, folks.

Anonymous said...

You sir, are an idiot. The chants didn't take hold? You could hear them on the television side.

lietothegirls said...

You obviously were not at the game. Where did you get that picture from? Not from last night.
Why on earth would a Kings hater like you want to have a blog called Kings Talking Points?
Thank you for wasting 5 minutes of my life though . . .

Ron Wenig said...

Yup, that pic was from last night. Exactly 3 minutes from anthem. Taken with my cellphone. I am not Fox news. I do not use phony footage.