Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Such a sham: The Top 10 rejected new names for Arco Arena

The Kings have become a sham of a team. Now, they are preparing to associate with an alleged sham of a company.

The Bee is reporting that the Kings are ready to announce the new naming rights to their arena.

Think shady. Very shady.

Power Balance, a company that makes colorful silicone wrist bands, will reportedly be the new name on the side of the arena.

Here's what David DiSalvo of Psychology Today wrote about the company:

About 2.5 million people have spent $25 or more on a little rubber bracelet called Power Balance. Perhaps you've heard of it (or are wearing it). Its makers claim that it "resonates" with the body's "energy flow" producing extraordinary balance, flexibility and strength in its users.

Well, at least that's what they used to claim. Now, in a show of candor rare among hucksters (unless they're being threatened by industry watchdogs, which they are), they're admitting that the product isn't backed by an iota of credible scientific evidence. They'll even send you a refund if you feel you were duped by their advertising.

Yikes. Doesn't give me the warm fuzzies. He went on:

Products that seem to work via mysterious means inaccessible to scientific investigation are more than likely bullpucky and always have been. Their makers have always used sophistry and fuzzy explanations to sell them, and have always relied on the power of suggestion to propel the pucky as far as it'll go. The game never really changes; the shysters just develop craftier ways to circumnavigate our judgment and appeal to what we really want -- an easy way to feel better, look better, and be better.

I guess you can't be choosy when your team is bleeding money. With the Palms Casino in free fall and attendance at games fizzling fast, the Maloofs grabbed for the cash. But when websites like Deadspin are already taking shots at the deal, you know it might not be a great idea.

Their headline: "Arco's New Name Will Be A Glorious Tribute to Large-Scale Consumer Fraud."

Amazingly, it could have been worse. Kings Talking Points was lucky to gets its hands on the 10 rejected names for the arena.

Have a look:

1. Sylvia Brown Arena

2. BP Spill Palace

3. Piltdown Man Pavillon

4. Bernie Madoff Arena

5. The Ponzi Palace

6. Subprime Mortgage Stadium

7. Nigerian Email Arena

8. The Barry Bonds-Mark McGwire Home Run Chase Palace

9. Justin Bieber Pavillon

10. Weapons of Mass Destruction Stadium

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