Saturday, December 11, 2010

A stench rises in Arco

There was a smell wafting through Arco Arena on Saturday night.

And I'm not talking about the exotic smell of spiced meat coming from Royal Shawarma on the concourse.

No, I'm talking about the smell of fear.

And the Miami Heat could sense it, laughing their way to an easy victory.

The Kings simply backed down.

Once LeBron James and Dwyane Wade took over, there was no fight. No hard fouls. Nothing but the smell of fear.

Only Omri Casspi played with heart. The rest of team put their collective tails between their legs and shuffled off into the foggy night with another disheartening loss.

They say a team reflects the personality of its coach. You wonder if Paul Westphal is a sulking, low-energy loser. Because that's what the Kings have become.

Fear wasn't the only smell.

More and more, DeMarcus Cousins carries the odor of a selfish, immature tool. When he was in the game, he fired up ill-advised shots and slump-shouldered his way through every possession. When he got benched, he could barely bring himself to his feet to join the huddle.

Cousins may have tremendous potential, but he's more ticking time bomb than future all-star at this point.

Look, beating a team like the Heat is a tall order, but it's not losing, it's the way you lose.

And unless something is done fast, fans are going to need to bring deodorizers to future games.

And now, just for fun, here are highlights from Saturday's game: