Saturday, November 27, 2010

Get Mr. Tyreke Evans a coach. Stat.

It's officially time for someone to start coaching Tyreke Evans.

Amazingly, he is hurting this team far more than helping it. And it all stems from last year's ridiculous chase for 20-5-5.

Paul Westphal has coddled this guy from Day One, telling him he's the next NBA superstar and handing him the keys to the team without giving him Driver's Ed.

Now Evans, hampered by injured ankles, still thinks his main job is to save the rest of the team by pumping up bad shots, driving to the lane recklessly, and alienating teammates by refusing to give up the ball.

Opponents have figured out his game, but Evans has not been schooled on how to adjust his.

Saturday night's second-half meltdown to the Bulls wasn't all on his shoulders, but his ill-advised shots in the fourth quarter are emblematic of his lack of progress.

This falls on Westphal's shoulders. It is his job to instruct and teach.

It's too bad, the Kings looked energized and focused in the first half. But there is no excuse for what happened in the second half. I repeat, no excuse.

You don't let a team on the tail-end of a two-week road trip outhustle and outrun you in the final quarter at home. Period.

The Kings now have the worst home record in the NBA and easy part of their schedule is over.

This is going to get uglier folks.

Strap in for turbulence.