Saturday, November 6, 2010

Kings are aimless and defenseless as they squander a chance to get back on track

So which team was playing the second game of a back-to-back and coming off a heartbreaking two-overtime defeat?

That would be the Memphis Grizzlies.

Not the Kings, who were sitting at home, well-rested, and supposedly ready to pounce.

But in a game that proved the Kings are not ready for prime time, the Grizzlies imposed their will in every facet of the game. Shooting. Rebounding. Defense.

Final score: Grizz 100, Kings 91, Enthusiastic Kings Fans 0

I put part of the blame of coach Paul Westphal.

Somebody tell me why the Kings weren't pushing the ball at every chance against a road-weary team. And somebody tell me why the team still has no offensive sets. There seems to be no offensive gameplan, besides telling Tyreke to try to make something happen.

Westphal's rotations are also puzzling. Omri Casspi was a difference maker in the first half, then was almost completely forgotten in the second half until the final minute.

By the way, DeMarcus Cousins did not look happy out there, no matter how much he proclaimed that he had no problems coming off the bench. His body language was bad.

Defense, well, that's another awful story. Name a single good man-on-man defender on the Kings? I mean, besides Samuel Dalembert.

The Kings had no answer for Rudy Gay. No answer for Zack Randolph. No answer to O.J. Mayo. Hell, they had no answer for Mike Conley.

So now a promising start has been squandered. The team stands at 3-3.

The energy at Arco was meager at best.

And we'll soon find out just how far the Kings are rising this season