Friday, April 27, 2012

George Maloof, American Hero

Kings owner George Maloof was on Grant Napear's radio show on KHTK Friday afternoon to deliver a firm defense of his team's position.

Here are the highlights:

George Maloof is an American hero.

He thinks about his community first.

He believes that we should hire cops and firefighters and put that pesky arena thingy on the back burner.

He is says he's perfectly fine with a nice paint job on the old arena.

He says the team stands ready and able to spend money on players.

He doesn't understand why people consider him a villain.

It was such an impossibly lame, self-serving example of double-speak that you could barely believe he was able to get through the interview without uttering an evil giggle.  Through it all,  Mr. Napear barely managed to challenge a single assertion.

Like why the Kings allowed the NBA to negotiate for them over the past year without an inkling of what was being negotiated.

Like why Gavin and Joe have been effectively silenced after years of being the faces of the franchise.

Like why, if the Kings want to stay in Sacramento, they won't sign some kind of agreement to stay in the city for at least the next three years.

Like why any Kings fan should believe the Maloof family has the financial ability to compete in the world of professional sports.

Like pushing George to offer one example of how the Kings have spent any money in the past five years to spruce up the current arena.

Like why we should think that the Maloofs have any business acumen at all after the deterioration of both the Palms Casino and the Kings over the past 10 years.

Like why a team that was so committed to staying in Sacramento had all but packed the moving vans last year to head for Anaheim.

Then again, I suppose there is no need to question George Maloof about any of those things.

After all, he is an American hero.


Louis In Sacramento said...

I had just gotten over the loss of the deal ... realizing that the Magoofs owning only 50% of the Kings who are valued at 300 million ... they owe the NBA 10d0 million and Sacramento 67 .... You do the math they are 15 million upside down as it is... if they were to do the deal they would have to borrow another 70 million or so .... making them minus 100 million ... I understood and continued to by my 9.75 beer ... and then I heard today's interview and realized the true level of my dislike of the George .. he's a mess and seems unable to grasp the Magoofs responsibility in their failed businesses ... SAC DESERVES BETTER

Unknown said...

Missed the interview, but then I would have to suffer through Grant Napeer to hear it. Grant is an employee of the Kings as are all the other announcer's. We will never get anything but a puff piece from this guy. I remember when the King's, then owned by Jim Thomas, threatened to leave unless the city bought the arena from him, and all Grant could say was "we got to do whatever they ask or this one horse town will be without it's horse" A few of us called in and pointed out that the debt was the only thing keeping the Kings in Sacto. He yelled at me then hung up. After the rest of the thinking few called him on this he quit the subject.

Unknown said...

Did you expect anything else but this puff interview from Grant? I remember when Jim Thomas the previous majority owner of the Kings wanted the City to take over his debt on ARCO arena and threatened to move the team if the city did not. Grant took up his call of alarm reminding us all that Sacto was a one horse town and the horse was about to leave the barn. I called in and pointed out that the only thing keeping the team here was that the owner of the team also owned ARCO and owed a ton of money on the arena. He hung up on me. The guy is an employee of the Kings and their on air Buttboy!

Anonymous said...

Brilliant stuff, Ron.

The MSM are too gutless to ask these questions. Glad you are.

For the sake of the Kings and the community, keep up the full court pressure.