Sunday, September 26, 2010

Official Wildly Optimistic (and probably delusional) Pre-Camp Happy Talk

Camp is here. And wow I'm excited.

Well, not really. Maybe a tad pumped? Nah.

But hey, it's here, okay, so let's get it on.

And I'm going to be stay positive (in loving memory of Positive Dave).

But first a note of pessimism.


Run for the hills. The Maloofs are already packed and ready to leave town. The Kings will be playing in Pensacola by this time next year. Nothing but cobwebs here instead of C-Webb. All is lost. Including this season, which will mean nothing when the team leaves us high and dry.

There. Now back to our Positivity. Here are some reasons to get motivated:

Demarcus Cousins: A big load of talent. He puts us back on the basketball map with his sheer force of will. Love the attitude. Hates to lose. Leaves no prisoners. And he's got skills.

Samuel Dalembert: Lookee here. A shot blocker. Haven't seen one of those around these parts since, well, uh... you get the picture. No more driving the lane against the Kings like a carefree toddler in the park.

Tyreke Evans: Stud rookie. Bigger stud with a season under his belt. And a jump shot. Now if he could just learn to look for his teammates just a teeny-weeny more.

Omri Casspi: Guy hates to be off the court and that's a huge plus. Might have the most need to succeed of anybody. And my biggest prediction: Helps solve the Mideast problem during All-Star break.

Donte Green: This is exactly where Gerald Wallace was after two years in the league. We all know what happened to him. This time, Kings are patient and turn the potential into stardom.

Hassan Whiteside: A tall leaper project with more basketball ability than more tall leaper projects. Reportedly battled Attention Deficit Disorder. Kings must figure out a way to keep his head in the game. I'm doing my part by making him an honorary correspondent.

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