Sunday, October 31, 2010


Twitter, as most of you know, is the single most important invention of the last 100 years. And you need to keep track of the tweets to really know what's going on behind the scenes with the Kings. Here we present the best tweets of the young season:

@COUSINS No food worth eatin' on plane. Gonna snack on brother @WHITESIDE'S leg.

@OMRI How was I possibly not starting over @DONTE?

@TYREKE Ankles swollen like balloons. Maybe I'll just pass the ball more. LOL.

@SPENCERHAWES Do U guys miss me?


@RONWENIG Yo @GRANTNAPEAR, stop the drooling over DeMarcus. He not THAT good. Yet. You sound like a fawning fanboy.

@GAVINMALOOF Just listening 2 an old favorite song, "Leaving on a Jet Plane."

@GRANTNAPEAR Stop tweeting, me, you idiot @RONWENIG I don't need your opinion.

@WESTPHAL Got cool tattoo on chest. Players very impressed. It reads "Born To Coach"

@BENO Haven't been injured in 24 hours. Wow. Sigh of relief.

@JOEMALOOF Great tix deal: Buy 4-game package at Arco, get a 4-game package free in San Jose.

@FRANCISCO Did anyone see @WESTPHAL'S tat? OMG.


@DALEMBERT Coach @WESTPHAL keeps walking around with shirt off. LMAO.

@BENO Sprained my lung while sighing. May need 2 go on injured list.

@DONTE Keep getting dirty looks from @OMRI. He thinks I care that I don't start anymore.

@WESTPHAL Anyone know any laser tattoo removal places?

@WHITESIDE I'm having leg pain. Strange bite marks on knee.

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