Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Ugly and unacceptable

No need for a complicated post.

Tyreke Evans had almost no impact.

DeMarcus Cousins is obviously not a happy man.

And the Kings lose at home to the worst team in the league, a team playing the second of a back-to-back.

Undisciplined. Defenseless. Offensively inept.

Congrats on squandering the team's potential and talent.

Has Paul Westphal already lost his players? Could be.

The Bee's Jason Jones reported that Tyreke Evans said it seemed like the team was just going through the motions. Seven games into the season.

Westphal is a bad parent. He gives no structure (playing time and rotations are random). He sets no limits (players shoot at will and nobody knows their role). When that happens, the players rebel -- just like snotty toddlers. They become selfish on offense and offer no help on defense.

You see the results.

SEE MY POST BELOW for what should happen...

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Anonymous said...

If Carl Landry starts another game for the kings Westphal needs to be removed. You have the number 5 pick toiling away on your bench and your go-to guy is an undersized PF who immediately runs to the basket after he shoots cause his shot is THAT bad. He goes 1-2 from the line at best everytime and he gets beat on his defensive assignment EVERY time. Id say trade him for a bag of basketballs or maybe another HC if you could get that thrown in. That being said that game was completely winnable without the completely ludicrous officiating.