Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Grant Napear sucks up to the Maloofs again -- and it ain't pretty

KHTK broadcaster Grant Napear spent Wednesday's radio show blowing unicorn dust up the asses of Joe and Gavin Maloof.

Nothing new there, but this was truly pathetic.

Challenged by frustrated fans about the team's cost-cutting and inability to secure high-priced talent, Napear could have finally broken free from the company line and ripped the team's ownership.

Instead, he told his listeners that they should be patient because the Maloofs are waiting to see the new collective bargaining agreement before they begin to spend money.

This is a crock.

Look, if the Maloofs want to nickel and dime and put an inferior product on the floor, it's their business. But don't expect the fans to be patient.

And don't expect them to buy tickets, no matter how many promotional deals they might offer.

Right now, there is no way I expect this team to be here next year.

A deal for a new arena is stone-cold dead. Arco is a morgue. The coach is lost. And the team lacks talent, energy and any charisma.

Why would any business owner keep the team in town?

But Mr. Napear is fine with this. Deal with it, he tells fans. Wait to make your decision until after the new CBA is signed.

One caller asked Grant to name a team that has pinched pennies more than the Kings. Lots of them, he intoned. And then named the Utah Jazz.

Oh yeah, the Jazz. The team with the 7th highest payroll in the league. The team that had no problem trading for Al Jefferson, a player who is owed $13 million, $14 million and $15 million over the next three seasons.

Sounds like a perfect analogy to me.

Look, if the Maloofs want to fill seats and generate enthusiasm for a new arena, they have to SPEND MONEY NOW. That's the only way you sell product. Not by cheesy seat deals. Sure, spending money now hurts the bottom line, but it builds good will, gets fans back in the seats, and turns around the momentum.

Unless, of course, you are not interested in any of those things.

Which looks very much the case right now.

Mr. Napear needs to stop bowing to the Maloofs. He needs to stop bailing the buckets of water out of their sinking ship and start laying down the truth.

I'm not holding my breath.


Anonymous said...

It's ridiculous that Grant is the only voice of the Kings. The Maloofs basically pay him to tell fans that they are wrong, insult them, and hang up on them.

So now the company line is "wait until the 2011 CBA?" That's nice. Remember two years ago, Grant and his former Yes-Man/Hurumpher (Mike Lamb) said: wait until 2010 when we clear our cap room?

Oh yeah, a smart listener called them up and called them out on it. They were caught red handed and swept the call under the rug as best they could.

Last time I checked, summer of 2010 has passed, we have cap room, and our big free agent acquisition was Antoine Wright, who is now plucking his eyebrows at a Motel 6 as he barrels through his last bottle of Borski.

So after two years of waiting, multiple "you're wrong's", hangups, and "wait until 2010 you idiot when Geoff makes cap room", here we are, waiting until 2011 when the new bargaining agreement is made.

What will be the company line after the CBA passes and we still suck? (Oh yeah, it'll be - sorry, we left town because you fans can't support your team).

It'd be nice to have a more neutral presence on 1140 AM that doesn't feed the fans false hope (and insult them when they speak their mind).

Looking forward to seeing Grant on the dole when the Kings leave town.

1oldfart said...

Grant Napier is like finger nails on a blackboard. A total misuse of oxygen. Watching the Sac State-UC Davis game. Had to turn off the sound.