Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Kings shouldn't settle for anything less than a blockbuster trade

So all of a sudden the Kings want to win right now.

They've been linked to trades for Tony Parker and Ray Felton.

One problem:  While both of them are nice players, neither will help them win now, unless winning now means winning 32 games instead of 24.  Parker has been an All-Star, but he's also been surrounded by amazing talent.  He does not shoot well from the outside.  And he is injury prone.  He'd definitely give the team a lift, but I don't believe he's enough of a difference maker to warrant the move.

Look, there are just too many talented teams out there.  The only way to break through is by acquiring a top tier talent who can change the outcome of a game on his own.

If the Kings want to win now, they are going to have to package their most valuable assets and swing for the fences.

That means dealing Tyreke Evans and DeMarcus Cousins and getting star talent. Maybe combined with  shooting for the No. 2 pick in the draft.

I'm totally on board with that strategy.  The Celtics did it a few years back when they made their up-and-coming power forward Al Jefferson part of a package for established star Kevin Garnett.

And the Kings are in a glorious position to make such a deal.  They are under the cap -- far under the cap -- so they don't have to worry about salaries matching up.

It's time for Geoff Petrie to live up to the dusty genius label that has faded dramatically after a dormant decade.

Be bold.

Make the Kings matter again.


Anonymous said...

This is a ridiculous post. Trade Evans and Cousins before their respective 3rd and 2nd seasons? I'm sorry, I don't see the logic behind that. What 'top tier' talent is going to come to Sacramento anyway? The kind of player that can carry a team by himself will not play in Sac. As far as I'm concerned, Cousins is untouchable as a trade asset. The kid is going to be a superstar.

I'm glad you're not the GM for the Kings. said...

u r an idiot!!! You don't trade your top two picks from the last pair of drafts for THIS year's second overall pick. Foolishness beyond comprehension! Take Evans and Cousins and swing for the fences and the 2nd pick??? Doofus! And what do the Kings have left to put on the floor? Derek Williams and...what? Another 23 win season and the NBA stiffing the Kings in the draft lottery. Definitely a way to get the Kings off to Anaheim!!
What qualifies you to write a blog other than the fact that you may or may not be able to string together several sentences in a coherent manor? You have exposed yourself as just another fanboy who certainly knows nothing about basketball!!
Perhaps you would be better suited to analyze the WNBA. At least then no one would read your trite and moronic self serving commentary and NO ONE WOULD CARE! Idiot!!!! I dare you to publish this!!!!!

Ron Wenig said...

Just to be clear, jerseyguy, I wasn't advocating the trade of DeMarcus and Tyreke for the second pick. I was saying that aiming for the second pick is a worthwhile goal as part of a blockbuster deal or deals. I don't believe Evans or Cousins are the backbones of a championship team. They are me-first players. I would love to see Kings do some wheeling and dealing for a true star veteran and other top-tier talent using these players as bargaining chips.