Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Why I would blow up the Kings

The building blocks are there.

The team is ready to take the next step.

Add a piece or two and they are ready to make a playoff run.

This is conventional wisdom about the state of the Kings.

I don't buy it.  Not for a minute.  And that's why I think the time is perfect to do the unthinkable.

Hire a great coach, explode the roster with daring trades, and buy strong into the the talent market.

This might sound completely insane, but stick with me for a moment.  The King are not a good team, but they do have some very marketable pieces.  Personally, I don't believe Tyreke Evans or DeMarcus Cousins are the type of players that will lead your team to the promised land.  In fact, I'm pretty sure of that it's downright delusional.

Neither is a great team player.  Neither has a great work ethic.  And Cousins, in particular, just seems too risky to bet on in the long-term.  But they do have value around the league.

Right now, the Kings have a chance to remake the team in a way impossible over the past decade. They have a ton of cap room and they'll be competing for players against teams who will most likely be facing a hard cap.

So here's my 5-step plan:

BLOCKBUSTER 1: Trade Tyreke Evans, Jason Thompson and the No. 7 to the Timberwolves for Kevin Love and the second pick.  With the second pick, select multi-talented forward Derrick Williams out of Arizona.  Kid is gonna be a stud.

FREE-AGENT SIGNING NO. 1:  J.J. Barea, point guard, Mavericks.  He looked a little Nash-like for Dallas and would bring energy and speed to the Kings immediately.  An unrestricted free agent, he might be available at the right price since Mark Cuban won't be able to throw money past the hard cap.

FREE-AGENT SIGNING NO. 2:  Marc Gasol, center, Memphis. One of the top centers in the league.  Young, underrated, skilled. He restricted also, so you'll have to pay big.

BLOCKBUSTER 2: Trade DeMarcus Cousins to the Wizards for athletic monster Javale McGee and the 18th pick in the first round.

DRAFT SELECTION: With the 18th pick, select 6-8 shooting whiz Jordan Hamilton out of Texas.

Your new starting five:
JJ Barea
Marcus Thornton
Derrick Williams
Kevin Love
Marc Gasol

Your bench:
Jordan Hamilton
Javale McGee
Omri Casspi
Beno Udrih
Donte Greene

Now you need a coach.  I heard Rick Adelman is available.

Okay, we're set.

Now let's go win a title.


Anonymous said...

Wdf you smoking? i want some

Anonymous said...

Sometimes I come on this site for a laugh. Get a real job you hack.

Anonymous said...

Minnesota won't trade Love and Gasol won't sign in Sacramento.

Ron Wenig said...

Why wouldn't Gasol sign with the Kings if the offer was good enough? Not like he's playing in L.A. or NY? Love is not happy with Minny or with the team's general manager. Tyreke gives them a scoring boost they desperately need. Would it happen? Maybe not, but a guy could dream. Whatever the case, I'm not a big Tyreke fan and I think it's best to get talent for him now than to regret it later.

Jay Money said...

I agree with you 100%. I can't even see Jimmer making a huge difference. The Kings needs players that will represent the City. And I believe Marc Gasol is the best building block. I'd trade Jimmer, Salmons and Hickson/Thompson to the Jazz for Harris, Hayward (let him play SG) and Favors.

Sign and trade Gasol for Evans and get Arthur and Vasques in the deal. Then the Kings should have room to sign a vet like Butler, Battier or Prince.