Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Forget Jimmer. Isaiah Thomas is the team's new starting point guard

Ladies and gentleman, your new starting point guard for the Sacramento Kings...

Isaiah Thomas.

If the diminutive point guard can continue to play with even half the court vision, confidence and overall poise he showed against Toronto on Wednesday night, there is absolutely no reason he shouldn't be the team's starting point.

Right now.  And for the forseeable future.

The kid's got moxie.  Nobody on the team sees the floor like this kid.  Not Tyreke.  Not Marcus.  And not Jimmer.

He provided more easy baskets for DeMarcus Cousins than we've seen all season.  And Lord nows this team needs easy baskets.

So take a seat, Mr. Fredette, you're good for 5 or 10 minutes a game.  That's it.  Thomas is the rookie the watch.

He's small, but he plays big.

Let the Isaiah era begin.



Jeff said...

Yea for overreactions to one game.

Anonymous said...

Sure seems to be the case. I want Fredette to play to his ability, but it appears that he lacks confidence, so he freezes up out there.
But the question is, will Smart move Thornton to a bench player role? I would guess NO.

Mello said...

HUGE over reaction to one game. Let's talk about it in a week or two before we get all anti-Jimmer.

Ron Wenig said...

It is so rare to see an actual assist that you have to overreact.

Tommiep said...

Can anyone explain why so many fans are in love with Jimmer? It certainly is not because of his play. Jimmer is playing so much because he was the #10 pick in the draft. Thomas' play time is so erratic because he was the #60 pick in the draft. It will help the team if Jimmer plays well, so I hope he does. But speaking of over-reaction, it appears that the fans are praising Jimmer for what he did in college. Being a good college player does not mean that Jimmer will be a good pro. He has only played like he is ready for the NBA twice, both times against Memphis. Thomas is far more NBA ready right now. Not necessarily as the starter, but he deserves more minutes than Jimmer.

GT916 said...

Lets see..its early February and all I can say about Jimmer is....."Move Jimmer, Thomas is better than you and deserves more minutes than you.

Anonymous said...

I love how everyone says the Kings need a PG that distributes the ball well and focuses more on pass that shoot. Yet look at Thomas' stats. He's a shooter first. Fredette has mostly play as a SG, so if his assists are even close to Thomas, that's evidence of something. I am a huge Fredette fan and actually hope the Kings trade him soon, preferably to a pick and roll team, where he will shine. But he will always struggle with Smart, Evans and the other ball hogs.

Anonymous said...

I like IT. He didn't average 26 points a game in the NCAA did he? I like that every other game he can hit the 3. Of course when he goes 0-4, we all excuse his sorry shooting as if it didn't really happen. Would you like to compare 3 point percentages with Jimmer?

As a test, I would like Smart to give Jimmer 5 games at point guard and play him no less than 35 minutes avg. then as a test, play IT for the same.

I would put my money on Jimmer for scoring. The problem is Jimmer is an island on this team. His BYU team was selfless and lead the NCAA in ASSISTS. This team is the opposite.

Get him a real coach and selfless players who can get passes and dish assists like a real team, then we will see what his talent really is.