Sunday, April 15, 2012

Maloofs must sign 10-year lease to stay in Sacramento to salvage relationship with fans

There is a way.

A single way for the Maloofs to turn public opinion back in their favor.

A single way for the Maloofs to help the Sacramento fans forgive them.

And here it is:

In front of the Kings fans, hold up a signed lease agreement saying that you are staying in Sacramento for the next 10 years.

That's it.

Done deal.

The town is yours again.

Will it happen?  Almost certainly no.

But Joe Maloof proclaimed loudly to the Bee's Aileen Voisin that the team has no intention to move.

Okay, prove it.

Tell the city that the Anaheim is dead with a pen, not with words.

And get to work sprucing up Power Balance.  I suggest a $5 ticket surcharge to pay for it.  That would at least pay for cosmetic changes to the building.  It won't widen the concourses or add luxury boxes, but it would go a long way towards showing some good will.

Here's the problem: I don't think Joe and Gavin Maloof are even running the show anymore.  I think they've been pushed aside by George, who fancies himself the brilliant wheeler-dealer of the family.

Well, Joe and Gavin, it's time to kick your unkempt Vegas brother to the curb.

Make a grand statement.

Make it now.

Before it's too late.


Anonymous said...

I'm shocked to read this from you, Mr. Wenig. you are usually so cynical where the Kings are concerned. Given the Maloofs' track record, I don't believe they'd adhere to a long term lease even if they signed it, would you? Aren't you the one who always doesn't care if they stay or leave, and had nothing good to say about the ownership, the team, the city, etc.? Why the sudden change of heart?

Ron Wenig said...

No change of heart. Just offering my fab advice to the Maloofs. If they signed a binding agreement, there's not way they could weasel out.