Monday, July 8, 2013

A Monta Ellis signing would set back franchise four more years

The Kings supposedly want highly inefficient guard Monta Ellis.

Four questions:





This would easily be the stupidest move of any team in free agency.

The new regime wants ball movement and defense.  He brings none of that.  He is a ball dominant, me-first, shooting machine.  Been there. Done that.

Has Vivek Ranadive ever watched anyone play who didn't play for the Golden State Warriors?

Who's next?  Troy Murphy?

I want three qualities from my players: Intensity, maturity and unselfishness.  The Kings can't manage to find players with these qualities.  The Maloofs couldn't find them.  And now it seems like the new regime doesn't care either.

Just recently, it was reported that the ownership group marched down to the home of DeMarcus Cousins in Mobile, Alabama, to announce their undying devotion to him.

They want to build the franchise around him.

The most unstable player in the league.

Who has shown not an iota of evidence that he wants to change.

This is the new ownership group.  This is NBA 2.0.

The signing of Ellis is just a bad move. Plain and simple.

Don't do it.

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