Friday, July 3, 2015

How panic, knee-jerk decision making, Vivek and Cousins have destroyed the Kings

Creativity, long-range tactical thinking, and common sense are nowhere to be found.

Instead, the Kings organization is now a constant source of panic, knee-jerk decision making, and utter disregard for logic.

The installation of Vlade Divac as the head of basketball operations has changed nothing.

He is clearly in over his seven-foot head. And despite his bold proclamations that he's in charge, the mere fact that the team is pin-balling from one high-risk, low-reward target to another is clear evidence that Vivek Ranadive is still calling the shots.

Rondo? Vivek's been drooling over the uber head case for a year. Josh Smith? Vivek has desperately wanted the me-first chemistry-killer since last winter.

Vivek is partying like it's 2008. You wonder how a high-tech nerd could be so wrong on so many things when he has a boatload of analytics to use as research.

The recent salary dump trade would have been fine if a smart trade or signing was already in place, but now the team is scrambling for table scraps, offering low-level talents stupid money to join the stupidest team in the NBA.

There is absolutely no plan. There is certainly no regard being given to team chemistry. And nobody seems to care that you can't put a group of flammable personalities together on an already kerosene-soaked team.

I've been campaigning for a year to rid the franchise of its major stench-inducing player - DeMarcus Cousins - and bring in a fresh crop of young, unselfish, hungry players.

Cousins may very well be a top-five talent, but he is not the type of guy who makes his teammates warm and fuzzy. In fact, most hate playing with him. And now his relationship with George Karl is broken beyond repair.

DeMarcus is almost impossible to root for as a fan. He's a surly, self-centered jerk. He whines and scowls and barks at referees and glares at his teammates. If he gets his numbers, he's a happy guy. If he doesn't, it doesn't matter what the scoreboard says.

Yes, trading him to the Lakers would take guts, but there's only one way out of this current swamp of despair.

Put a young team on the floor consisting of D'Angelo Russell, Darren Collison, Julius Randle, Willie Cauley-Stein and Rudy Gay and watch your fans cheer like crazy.

The air will feel cleaner. The beer will taste better. The popcorn will be less rancid.

It won't happen, though. I have no idea why. But the smartest guy in the room at Kings headquarters is in danger of losing every last ounce of goodwill he earned when he saved the franchise for Sacramento.

Pessimism reigns supreme these days. A Rondo signing will only prolong that feeling and delay the inevitable total meltdown.

Vlade needs to do two things today:

Hire Geoff Petrie as a special advisor.

March into Vivek's office and tell him to shut up and sit down.

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