Thursday, October 22, 2015

The Scientific, Analytical Guide to How Many Games the Kings Will Win

Okay, forget the pundits and radio hosts and columnists pontificating on how many games the Kings will win this season.

There's only one true way to prognosticate. And that's with pure science and analytics. At Kings Talking Points, our staff of over 100 statisticians and part-time fast food workers always make sure our numbers are on the money.

So buckle up and read on and the suspense will be over. You won't even need to pay attention to this season.

Let's start with 82 wins.

Subtract 40 games right off the bat for being the Sacramento Kings. Climate scientists have proven this sad fact by looking at weather models over the past 10 NBA seasons.

Subtract 5 wins for the awful idea of putting veteran poison Rajon Rondo into the middle of an already volatile mix. Rondo can still see the floor and deliver a perfect pass, but his woeful shooting and fading athleticism makes him a poor fit for a modern NBA team.

Add 3 wins for the addition of Willie Cauley-Stein. Finally, a true athletic big man who can change shots and run the court. And who thankfully doesn't need shots.

Subtract 4 wins for Ben McLemore. Every year there's hope he'll take the next step. And every year he disappoints. Once considered one of the top shooting prospects coming out of college, he's not even streaky at this point. And his ball handling? Oy. He can't take anyone off the dribble and he makes you cringe every time he tries.

Add 2 wins for Omri Casspi. Nobody brings more hustle on the court and he proved to be a consistent fireplug off the bench last season. If he ever got his three-pointer to drop, he'd become even more valuable.

Add 3 wins for the acquisition of Marco Belinelli. Finally, a consistent 3-point shooter on a team filled with brick layers.

Subtract 2 wins for the rest of the bench.  Kostas Koufas is solid, but he won't win you any games. Quincy Acy was a wasted signing. James Anderson was a Sixers washout. And Seth Curry has the wrong first name.

Subtract 10 wins for DeMarcus Cousins. Yes, he's a load. Yes, he's supremely talented. But no, I don't think this team can win with him. Too selfish. Too explosive emotionally. Too hard for him to share the spotlight with any other player.

Subtract 4 wins when Cousins and George Karl have a shouting match on the bench after a particularly bad turnover by Boogie on one of his coast-to-coast jaunts.

Subtract 3 wins when Rondo misses a flight to Cleveland because he's been supplanted as the starting point guard by Darren Collison.

Add 6 wins after the Kings acquire a fresh boodle of talent when the Kings trade Cousins in January.

Add 3 wins as Rudy Gay feels revitalized with the depature of Cousins.

Add 4 wins as Karl finally gets his offense into high gear without having to dump the ball into the middle on every set.


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